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A AND B SQUAD SESSIONS Mon 21st Oct – Sat 2nd Nov

  Mon 21st 0530-0730 A 1700-1900  B2  1900-2030 Tues 22nd 0530-0730 A 1830-2030  B    1700-1830 Wed 23rd B2 0600-0730 Joint A&B  1700-1900 Thur 24th Joint A&B  1700-1900 Fri 25th Joint A&B  1700-1900 Sat 26th 0700-0900 Mon 28th Joint A&B  1700-1900 Tues 29th Joint A&B  1700-1900 Wed 30th Joint A&B  1700-1900 Thur 31st Joint A&B  […]


The club has managed to get on the ASDA token scheme for the next three months. This means when you shop at ASDA in Southport you will be issued with tokens. Place them into the SOUTHPORT SWIMMING CLUB token collection tub. We are against other local clubs, the tub with the most tokens in, in […]

Training dates up to the end of October

Training dates up to the end of October, Cancellations and changes are due to competitions being held:   Sept 14th Cancelled Sep 15th Normal Sep21st Cancelled Sep 22nd 4-5.30 Masters 6pm Sep 28th 4-6pm Sep 29th Normal Oct 5th 4-6pm Oct 6th 4-5.30pm Masters 6pm Oct 12th Cancelled Oct 13th Normal Oct 19th 4-6pm Oct […]


Generally as normal with some cancellations Mon 22 7-830pm Tue 23 6.30-8.30pm Wed 24 7-9am (C and National swimmers only) Thur 25 6.30-8.30pm Fri 26 7-830pm Sat 27 4-6pm Sun 28 5-7pm Mon 29 7-830pm Tue 30 6.30-8.30pm Thur 1 6.30-8.30pm Fri 2 7-830pm Sun 4 5-7pm Mon 5 7-830pm Tue 6 6.30-8.30pm Thur 8 […]

A and B squad summer sessions

    Day Morning Evening JULY Mon 22nd 6-8am 5-7pm Tues 23rd 6-8pm Wed 24th 7-9am 6-8pm (Morning C & A National swimmers only) Thur 25th 6-8pm Fri 26th 5-7pm Sat 27th 7-9am Mon 29th 6-8am 5-7pm Tues 30th 6-8pm Wed 31st 6-8pm AUGUST Thur 1st 6-8pm Fri 2nd 5-7pm Sat 3rd 7-9am Mon 5th […]


  Mon 27th 0700-0900  (A&B) 1700-1900 (A) 1900-2030 (B2/C) Tue   28th 0700-0900  (A&B1) 1900-2100 (A1&B) Wed 29th 0800-0930  (C/B2) 1900-2100 (A&B1) Thur 30th 0600-0800  (A&B1) 1700-1830 (B) 1830-2030 (A) Fri     31st 0700-0900  (A&B) 1700-1900 (A1&B) 1900-2030 (C) Sat    1st 0700-0900  (A&B) A may be bk at 50m


  Week Day Morning Afternoon Mon 8th 6-8am 5-8.30pm (All as normal) Tues 9th 7 – 9am 5-8.30pm Wed 10th 7 – 9am 5-8.30pm Thur 11th 7 – 9am 5-8.30pm Fri 12th 7 – 9am 5-8.30pm Sat 13th 7 – 9am 4 – 6pm Sun 14th 4 – 8pm Mon 15th 6 – 8am 5-8.30pm […]


After getting to the top club team event event in the country for the first time in the clubs 140 year history, the swimmers did themseleves proud, The atmosphere was fantastic at the 10 lane 50m, Cardiff International Pool with horns flags and face paint. The instruction to the swimmers was just “Enjoy yourselves and […]


WARM UP TIMES AND ACCEPTED ENTRIES   Session 1 Warm UP 7:30AM Warm up Finish 7:55AM Start 8AM Finish 9:04 (Girls Only) Session 2 Warm Up 9:10AM Warm up Finish 9:50AM Start 09:55AM ( Boys 9:10am – 9:30am – Girls 9:30am -9:50am) Session 3 Warm UP 2PM Warm up Finish 2:40PM Start 2:45PM Finish 5:55PM […]

Beavers Junior Team

The Beavers Junior Team got off to a good start in their first match of thia years North West Micro League at Wigan on Saturday 16th 2019. In one of the closests team events ever in the Micro League, The Beavers came out in joint second. With Fleetwood winning by just one points over the […]