These are the three reports with regards to the three A & B Squad sessions that where taken by the outside coach, while we where at the warm weather training camp in Tenerife 2016.

Monday 24th October
Session tonight was good 18 swimmers in the pool, very respectful, hard working and good listeners with exemplary behaviour.

They are a credit to the parents, club and of course you!
Can I also thank you for asking me to cover I actually really enjoyed it pal, got a little love back for the sport tonight, thanks fella !!
I’m already looking forward to tomorrow & Thursday.
You take care, enjoy the camp!! Thanks again pal

Tuesday 25th October

Now then mr p 14 at training tonight, yet again the swimmers were a credit to you
Set completed as requested asked them to work their turns hard, tried to get them in faster and smooth and fast on breakouts, they tried really hard, put the effort in and hopefully enjoyed the session as much as I did? Thanks again pal you have a good group of kids there
Take care & enjoy the sun

Thursday 27th October

Hi mate, Well what can I say that hasn’t already be said? 17 in tonight

Session completed well from all, we again tried to keep working on efficiency and skills and your kids listen, learn and implement. Pleasing? No very pleasing!

Please would you do me a favour?
When you get home will you please pass on my sincere thanks to the swimmers and parents. The level of friendliness & kindness shown to me during this short period has been exceptional, I am truly humbled, it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be treated this way. I did thank the swimmers and a couple of the parents who were there at the end, but if you could emphasise this when you get back I would be grateful. I just hope the parents and more importantly the swimmers enjoyed the experience also.

Thank you Take care Enjoy the rest of your camp pal!!!

On behalf of the Southport Swimming Club Squad coaches THANK YOU swimmers and parents for all your conduct it was so pleasing to get glowing reports each night. WELL DONE.

Mark Patrickson

Head Coach

Southport Swimming Club

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