On the 1st October the top six clubs in the North of England competed at Tynemouth for a place in the National Junior League final in Corby on 26th November. Competing were City of Leeds, Stockport Metro, Lemington Spa, Tynemouth, Louth from Lincoln and Southport. City of Leeds got off to a strong start and crept away from the other clubs, with Louth a little behind. The middle ground was a strong battle between Stockport, Tynemouth, Lemington and Southport. At the half way stage Leeds had 121 points, Stockport 97, Southport 91, Tynemouth 88, Lemington 83 and Louth 53. It was one of the best atmospheres in junior club swimming, with every point being fought for. At the end there was utter confusion with Southport being placed 5th. An objection was placed with the officials and after a recount the towns team was moved up to a rightful 3rd position and a place in the National Junior League Final. A fantastic result well done to all the swimmers.

Final Result – City of Leeds 234, Stockport Metro 186, Southport 167, Tynemouth 166, Lemington 160.5, Louth 97.5.

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