Well done to all the 57 Southport swimmers who qualified for the second biggest age group and youth championships in the country, THE NORTH WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018. They will be held at the 50m pool in Manchester and Liverpool over weekends in May.

J.Lea (20yr), E.Whittingham, N.Wilgar, E.Johnson, E.Dewsbury, P.Moniz, (18yr) T.Jones, M.Johnson, R.Thompson, M.Smith, (17yr) T.Hill, M.Spencer, V.Dawson, S.Aspinall, J.Carroll, K.Adkins (16yrs) J.Morgan, K.Forster, A Wyatt, J.Law, L.Wallwork, A Teebay, L.Teebay, E.Priestner, E.Smith, M.Addison S.Coulthard, A Dillon, J.Morley, E.Whittingham, M.Galley, (15yrs) A.Mcilroy, C.Hughes, O.Logan, O.Borland, R.Hughes, C.Spinks, D.Gallagher, F.Cooke, H.Maw, H.Rowland, C.Kelly, T.Morgan (14yrs) S.Jones, E.Falkingham, M. Smith, T.O.Donnell, T.Boylett,(13yrs) J.Pennifold, Z Borland, H.Canty, C.Rollin, R.Bishop, N. Bracegirdel, S.Morgan (12yrs) I.Evans, N.Pitera, (11yrs)

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