A and B squad summer sessions



Day Morning Evening
Mon 22nd 6-8am 5-7pm
Tues 23rd 6-8pm
Wed 24th 7-9am 6-8pm (Morning C & A National swimmers only)
Thur 25th 6-8pm
Fri 26th 5-7pm
Sat 27th 7-9am
Mon 29th 6-8am 5-7pm
Tues 30th 6-8pm
Wed 31st 6-8pm
Thur 1st 6-8pm
Fri 2nd 5-7pm
Sat 3rd 7-9am
Mon 5th 5-7pm
Tues 6th 6-8pm
Wed 7th 6-8pm
Thur 8th 6-8pm
Fri 9th 5-7pm
Sat 10th 7-9am
Mon 12th 5-7pm
Tues 13th 6-8pm
Wed 14st 6-8pm
Thur 15th 6-8pm
Fri 16th 5-7pm
Sat 17th 7-9am
Mon 19th 5-7pm
Tues 20th 6-8pm
Wed 21st 6-8pm
Thur 22nd 6-8pm
Fri 23rd No session
Sat 24th No session
Mon 26th No session
Tues 27th 6-8pm
Wed 28th 6-8pm
Thur 29th 6-8pm
Fri 30th 5-7pm
Sat 31st 7-9am
Mon 2nd 6-8pm
Tues 3rd B 5-6.30 A 6.30-8.30
Wed 4th A 5-7 B 7-8.30
Thur 5th All back to normal

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