Training Update No. 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope we find you all well and healthy. This email is just to update everyone where Southport Swimming Club is at this present time.

The Swim England guidelines, for when swimmers return to the pool, were published last Monday, 15th June. Within them and since then during the Governments daily briefings there’s been a distinct lack of clarity on any confirmed date for pools to reopen.

Last Monday the Club again communicated with all our pool suppliers:
Dunes are in the middle of some repair work. We have requested but are still waiting for protocols for our return from Sefton Council.
Southport Swimming School of Excellence are also undertaking some repairs but all the risk assessments and protocols have been put in place for swimmers to return when allowed to do so.
Liverpool Aquatic Centre (50m pool) have notified Southport that all Clubs will not be returning under the first phase of their opening (whenever that may be). No protocols or risk assessments have been passed to the Club.

Throughout the Country there are swimming pools that have shut their doors for good due to these troubling times, we don’t plan on being one of them.

We will keep everyone updated as soon as we hear anything concrete from our pool providers. Swimming sessions, will however, not be like they were prior to the lockdown, so please be prepared for a number of changes from arriving at the pool to leaving at the end of the sessions.

Stay safe and we will keep you all updated.

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