Southport Swimming Club Junior Team of 2018 continued the proud tradition of making and competing well in the National Junior League Final at Corby on Sunday 25th November. Sponsored by MDH Services the team competed for every point in the final against mainly big city team – City of Leeds, Guildford City, City of Derby, City of Leicester, City of Coventry, Tynemouth, Camden Brough of London. At the half way stage the Southport swimmers had put up a great fight being placed in third position. Some good swims continued to flow but the big city teams were to strong in depth. Southport came out a creditable 6th place in the NATIONAL JUNIOR LEAGUE FINAL.

Final result

City Leeds 337pts, Guildford City 333pts London Brough of Camden 202pts Tynemouth 199pts

City of Coventry 185pts SOUTHPORT 175pts City of Derby 160pts City of Leicester 151pts.

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